The Easy Way To Give Your Skin A Health Check – ABCDE System

Knowing your ‘ABCDE’ for skin check

Most skin cancers are curable when detected early. Therefore, don’t forget to check your skin, as early detection and treatment is the key!

The best way to detect a problematic skin lesion is to check your skin regularly, about once a month.

Look out for moles or patches of skin that are growing, developing new colours, inflamed, bleeding, crusting or behaving unusually.

When checking your moles, know your ‘ABCDE’:

Asymmetry – Melanomas are often asymmetrical, meaning the two halves of the mole differ in shape and do not match.

Border – The outside edges of a melanoma may be ‘blurred’, show notches or appear ‘ragged’

Colour – When a mole shows uneven colour, pay more attention. Malignant moles often contain multiple colours (e.g. black, brown, pink, white).

Diameter – Most melanomas are often larger than 6mm in diameter when diagnosed. Melanomas will progressively change. If you notice any mole enlarging over a period of weeks to months, see your doctor.

Evolving – If a mole changes in size, colour or appearance over time, see your doctor about it!

If you notice any of the above, it is important to arrange a thorough skin check with your dermatologist.

Dr Rose Mak is available for skin checks – please obtain a GP referral beforehand.